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The GOV.GR header shows users that they are on GOV.GR and which service they are using.

When to use this component

You must use the GOV.GR header at the top of every page if your service is being listed in the GOV.GR service catalog.

How it works

Default header

Use the default header if your service has 5 pages or fewer.

Header with service name

Use the header with a service name if your service is more than 5 pages long - this can help users understand which service they are using.

Header with service logo and service name

If there is a need of a logo and name of a service at the first page, you can place them at the masthead instead.

Default header with navigation

You can see how the navigation works here.

Default header with service logo and service name and navigation

Use the header with navigation if you need to include basic navigation, contact or account management links.