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The footer provides copyright, licensing and other information about your service and department.

When to use this component

Use the footer at the bottom of every page of your service.

How it works

You can add links to:

  • your department’s page on GOV.GR
  • other language options
  • terms and conditions
  • privacy policy

Note: In some cases the height of the content is smaller than the height of the viewport especially in desktop screens. As a result, the footer of the page will stick to the middle of the screen which is not ideal for the user experience. To fix that, you can use the .govgr-layout-wrapper__full-height CSS utility class combined with .govgr-layout-wrapper.

In some cases we need the footer to span the entire width of the container. In order to do this add govgr-full-width-container CSS utility class.

You can also include links to meta information about a site, like cookies and contact details in the footer, like this: